08 March 2010

Mission Accomplished - Ironman Langkawi

Its been more than a week since the Ironman Langkawi. I better start writing my race report, before this becomes very outdated.

Not much to say, just that I'm so thrilled and excited that I have finally completed an Ironman, one of my goals in life.

I've taken some pictures from friend's facebook and blogs, so will let the pictures help explain my experiences.

The trip to Langkawi started off being a very lonely trip, as I was the only person from Brunei participating in this event. It sure wasnt good for my morale.

Unpacking my baby in the hotel room. Was staying at Hotel Bahagia, a nice, small and clean hotel. But a bit too far from the race venue (around 2km).

The day before the race, i met Stupe, a guy i got to know from following his blog, and a few of his friends, Kam and Barath during breakfast at the hotel. Meeting and getting to know them really did made my trip more memorable. Since Stupe had a car, he invited me to tag along with him and his mates wherever they go. It sure was fun having a bunch guys to hang out with, checking out the race course, sharing race tips and experiences and offcourse the makan. A lot of makan.

Race briefing at the host hotel. The room was too small and the aircon wasnt working. The route was a bit confusing, especially the bike course. Good thing i had some tips from Stupe and Kam, "1 big loop and 3 times bukit hantu". Thanks guys.

Bike all set to roll... 9 power gels (5 tapped & 4 in bento box) & 1 power bar. 3 bottle cages and 1 aero bottle. 3 spare tubes, 1 multitool and 1 mini hand pump.

No. 68. Swim - Orca 226 tri pants & Blue Seventy Goggles.
Bike - Orca 226 tri pants & Orca tri top.

Run - Orca tri pants, Mizuno running vest, 2Xu visor and Newton Racers.

Bike check in with Barath and Kam. Both of them did it last year. Barath completed last year's race with minimal training. Power lah.

Ironman eve dinner at Wonderland Seafood. Made more frens. Bandit (probably the world's greatest support crew) and Kok Aik (the real Ironman - he played chicken with a lorry on one of his bike ride and hit it head on)

Race day

As it was my first Ironman, my main aim was to finish the race in one piece. However, being optimistic, i did have a wishful thinking target in the back of my mind. 2hrs swim, 6hrs bike and 4hrs run. i sure was dreaming.....
Swim start & finish
Did a short warm up, just to test the water and my goggles. This is my weakest event and hearing about jelly fish in the water made me even more worried.
Races started at 7.45am.
(a sample picture taken by the snap-attack, hired them to take my pictures in Langkawi. thanks Shazly and Jason for your help and support. cant wait to see the pictures)

It was an out and back 1 loop swim. It took me around 1hr 10mins to reach the u-turn point. Was so worried that i wouldnt make the cut-off (2hrs 20mins). It turned out that the current was against us on the way out, so the swim back was much easier and faster.

3.8k swim - 1hr 48 mins.

was enjoying the moment - took my time, still a long long way to go

Transition 1 - 6

just one point i want to highlight at T1 - no sunblock provided - lucky i brought my own

one of the many hills on the bike course - wasnt expecting that many steep hills..

after 100km, i couldnt stay aero, was just holding on to my aerobar arm pads. I was getting cramps on both of legs at this point and was really worried everytime i came to a hill.

Wiggling my toes and just stretching on the bike does help. I made a stop on the 3rd and last lap at one of the water station to stretch, pee and fill my top and pants with ice. It sure help cool me down and get rid of the cramps...

the bike leg was just like a dream, couldnt really recall or believe how
i managed to bike 180km.
This was the first time ive done 180km.

half way through the bike course, the aid station ran out of water and bottles. Athletes who had empty bottles had to stop and fill them with ice. crazie lah... it was blazing hot and still a long way to go.
180km bike - 6hrs 18mins

Transition 2 - 6.56 mins.

Started the run quite strong and happy. Not too far to go.

We had to do 5 loops. The run course was flat, but there were a lot of road works around. dusty with lots of pebbles.

Did the first lap doing a slow and steady run. Was really hoping to run the whole way, but my knee was just hurting so bad. Didnt want to push it and cause a permanent damage. So after the first loop, was only jogging slowly from 1 water station to the other.

the best part of the run was getting those bands and the ice water. had an ice shower everytime i reach a water station. dont think its healthy, but it sure gives you a shock and wake you up.

ran with this lady, used her as my pacer to keep me going. she sure was fit. she must be 50+. Respect.

Had pebbles in my shoes, and since i wasnt wearing socks, every step i took was painful. Tried to rinse them off once, but it didnt work.

the final dash - shed some tears seeing the finishing line.

42km run - 5hrs 7mins

Ahmad Fathi from Brunei - "you are an IRONMAN"

Total Time - 13 hrs 28 mins

took a short nap next to my baby - she did good

still need to go back to the hotel. tried walking, but at the end, cycled by back to the hotel .

saw a ramlee burger stall on the way back - only managed to eat 1 bite. stomach wouldnt accept.

the day after - last night felt like a dream.

Thanks for the lunch Stupe.

Awards dinner - horrible. but made more frens.


PNG said...

Congrats once again playbui!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You did very good for a 1st timer. Well done !!!! Next year sub 13? Hope ur recovering well.:) hopefully no post IM blues :P

PNG said...

By the way nice set up on the bike and that Aerowheels nyaman.

anakpanyu said...


next year dengani kami turun langkawi. ramai ramai kitani turun.

very good report.

next project: ikut Brunei Time Trial next May 7th with your super fast bike.

Keeran said...

Well done mate!

amsyah said...

well done!

ahmad fathi said...

PNG: thanks playbui.. bah IMWA in december.. jgn inda jadi!!

MissJewelz: Thanks Julie.. IMWA try sub 13 lah.. think ive got the post IM blues.. dont know what to do next..

Anakpanyu: thanks bro, next yr maybe IM China..

Keeran: Thanks bro. Good luck for Aviva this weekend.. sub 5hrs ah

amsyah: Thanks bro..

K3vski said...

Congrats you are an Ironman!

Too bad you did it when conditions were really tough, and organizing was pretty bad. Last year was much better.

Oh you going IMWA too? I'm seriously considering it!

ahmad fathi said...

Kev: Thank bro. and thanks for the hug at the finish.. really needed that.

cant complain much, but ya i heard last year's was better.

IMWA, really looking forward to this. just need to register n plan my trip...

IJAM said...

congrats bro! dont know when is my turn, no bike, dont know how to swim..well, hope and hope...

日月神教-任我行 said...